Bio-Pesticides – The Cause of Morgellons Disease

We are private Morgellons Disease researchers and have dedicated our time to investigate the cause of this horrible affliction called Morgellons Disease.

Our main goal is to prove what is seen to be the original source of this disease and to help and support those people infected and idiotically called DOP by the medical community.

Like us, many people are suffering terribly on a daily basis, unable to function. They have financial problems and are losing their homes. They have lost their jobs and are kept isolated out of fear to infect their friends and family.

We see and hear this every day and we feel it as our ‘duty’ to reveal as to what we believe is to be the main cause of Morgellons Disease. Our observations confirm the claim of parasitical infection as the main part of the infectious cycle.

With this information we are reaching out to the Scientific- and Medical Community for help and further investigations.

We are stating that the main cause of Morgellons Disease is the use respectively over-use of bio-pesticides in agricultural systems.

Using synthetic pesticides with bio-pesticides in combination are leading to an unrecognized threat in nature and mankind, still remaining unknown or neglected by bio-engineers who have ‘created’ these to control the over population of insects in a profitable way.

As you may know, my partner and I are researching and studying a specific aspect of this disease as we believe the main cause of Morgellons Disease lies in the use respectively over-use of bio-pesticides. In detail, we have been looking at genetic modified insect viruses such as the Baculovirus, and bacteria such as Bacillus Thuringiensis and Bacillus Sphaericus. It is well known by the scientific community that the Baculovirus can also infect humans by infiltrating the DNA causing cytoplasmic fibrils similar to Amyloids.

Based on taken skin-, urine- and blood samples from Morgellons Sufferers and ourselves and compared to original images, we believe to see a strong resemblance in what is and was observed and reported by many Morgellons Sufferers all around the world.

Several fungi are also ‘integrated’  within these pesticides and have led to serious fungal infections in Morgellons Sufferers. Recent lab tests have confirmed and validated, that, the participants are infected with these bio-pesticidal fungi. Some have reported to be infected by different types of fungi. Even if we consider, that some fungal infections might be of environmental cause such as mold contamination in their homes, we must accept that the main reason of these infections are the bio-pesticides.

Pesticidal residues are found in our water sources. They are found in the water we drink, we bathe in, in the food we eat each and every day.

We are also talking about entomo pathogenic nematodes used in bio-pesticides which are seen to emerge from Morgellons Sufferers skin or found in stool or urine.

Flying insects, in particular biting and stinging insects such as bot flies and especially fungus gnats which feed on insect cadaver and genetic engineered plants are seen to be the main culprit in spreading this disease. It is also seen as a huge possibility, that these insects have ‘picked’ up pesticidal contaminates from water sources such as ponds, rivers and steams, thus acting as a transmitter leading to infection.

Although DDT, a highly toxic chemical was banned years ago, it is still used in vector control.

Another aspect of this disease is considered to be related to Nano techniques. Previous research has revealed that the Morgellons Fibers show an obvious similarity to Nano fibers and their ability to self assemble.

Before I start to show you how bio-pesticides and their techniques are seen to be responsible in causing Morgellons Disease, I would like to point out a few of the main symptoms.

Later information will support our theory that these symptoms are related to bio-insecticides and their use thereof.

Some of the main symptoms of Morgellons Disease are:

  • Fibers in different colors emerging from intact skin, lesions and/or hair follicles
  • Stinging, biting sensations
  • Crawling sensations
  • Bio film production on skin and scalp, often called ‘goo’
  • Insect particles emerging from lesions or intact skin and scalp
  • Worms/Nematodes in urine, stool
  • Worms/Nematodes found in lesions or under intact skin
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Brain Fog
  • Weakness and feeling ‘paralyzed’

Here, a few excerpts from an overview of common bio-pesticides production.

“Ecological problems created by chemical insect control methods and their relevance to
human health are receiving serious attention everywhere.

Various pathogens, including viruses, protozoa, fungi and nematodes can be used to regulate pest population.
The development of insecticide resistance in pest and vector population, the damage
caused to non-target organisms
and the realization of other environmental hazards of
chemical insecticides have led to an increasing interest in biological, including
microbiological control methods”

Herein are noted:

  • Viruses such as Baculovirus
  • Bacteria Bacillus Thuringiensis and Bacillus Sphaericus
  • Fungi
  • Protozoa and Microsporidia
  • Nematodes
  • Insect venoms from spiders, scorpions, wasps, mites and snails
  • Nano technique – in form of Hydrogel

Here is an image of the common components of bio-pesticides:


As you can see below the use of bio-pesticides is increasing:


The above mentioned substances and biological control agents are parts of the pesticidal Baculoviral ‘transport system’ in form of powder, granules or aerosols, in this case, encapsulated in Hydrogel, used as a coating for heat/water resistance and slow release.

It must be understood that diverse patents of bio-pesticides include various other techniques, mostly a composition containing Bacillus thuringiensis; Baculoviridae and various fungal pathogens.

I will begin to start, showing you various excerpts out of US patents for the production of bio-pesticides including partially the above mentioned components and how we came to the above conclusions.

Production of hydrogel encapsulated nematodes

“The present invention relates generally to the use of nematodes as insecticides, and more particularly to immobilizing and preserving nematodes in hydrogel capsules for delivery to insect hosts, and to hydrogel capsules containing nematodes.

Living insecticide agents, when delivered under controlled conditions, have narrow host ranges and can control the spread of specific hosts, without affecting natural predators or beneficial insects.

Examples of such agents, termed bio-rational insecticides, include Bacillus thuringiensis; Baculoviridae and various fungal pathogens, among others.”

Note: baculoviruses contain colored fluorescent protein markers.

I found the Hydro gel aspect quite interesting as it has to the capability to re-assemble. A so called self-gelling process. It also has the main feature to form from ‘unswollen’ (spheres producing and releasing gas) to ‘swollen/collapsed’ showing filaments similar Morgellons ‘fuzzballs’ and fibers.


According to my theory and as I have stated in another blog article, I found the fact, that Hydrogel, also called Chemo – Mechanical Smart Gel, has the ability to ‘interact’ with various body functions most interesting as the picture below shows:


“The environmental conditions to which a hydrogel can be made responsive pH,temperature,electric field,ionic strength,salt type,solvent,external stress,light or a combination of these.”

The nematodes

Typical types of nematode used in bio-pesticides are belonging to the Family Steinernematidae or Heterorhabditidae.

“Numerous pathogenic nematodes have been recognized in the prior art as having a broad range of host insects, and therefore provide desirable insecticidal agents for the practice of the present invention.

Perhaps the best known nematode useful as an insecticidal agent is the infective stage larvae of Neoaplectana carpocapsae Weiser (Steinernema feltiae Filipjev). Other nematodes known to be capable of producing insecticidal effects include ……Heterorhabditidae.”


Several Morgellons Sufferers have reported to have seen worms/nematodes emerging from their skin or lesions, while others have observed them in their stool or urine.

For comparison, here is a microscopic picture of a nematode a fellow ‘morgie’ found in the toilet bowl after urinating.

03_20_431 Urine material between two slides at 100x

We have positively identified it as belonging to the Family Steinernematidae.

The next invention:

Insect control with multiple toxins

will include the insect aspect of our disease.

Here are two microscopic pictures taken from samples from a fellow ‘morgie’ showing clearly insect particles:

08_16_17 09_02_25

“The method may use a combination of first recombinant pathogen that expresses a first neurotoxin and a second recombinant pathogen that expresses a second neurotoxin, or may use a single recombinant virus expressing a plurality (such as the first and second) of neurotoxins.

“A recombinant baculovirus which, in insect cells of selected insects infected therewith, expresses a plurality of toxins, each toxin binding to the same membrane ion channel at a non-overlapping binding site with respect to the other toxin or toxins and each toxin having an insecticidal potency for the insect cells of the selected insects, the plurality of toxins together having a greater insecticidal potency for insect cells of the selected insects than would be achieved from an additive effect of each toxin alone.”

“Selective natural toxins have been suggested for use in insect control. These toxins include substances which are produced in specialized glandular tissues in the body of a venomous animal.”

“Recently, the nuclear polyhedrosis virus Autographa californica (AcNPV), from the family Baculoviridae, has been genetically modified for an increased speed of kill by expressing insect-selective toxins. The introduction of an insect-selective toxin into an insect-pathogenic virus has resulted in a reduction in the killing time of insect hosts.”

“For producing recombinant microbes, such as baculoviruses, for the purpose of controlling insects, a secretion signal sequence is preferably included. Secretion signal sequences may be derived from proteins of bacteria, yeast, fungi, or higher eukaryotes, including both animals and plants.”

By looking at the reported symptoms of Morgellons Disease sufferers such as:

  • Stinging, biting sensations
  • Crawling sensations
  • Insect particles emerging from lesions or intact skin and scalp
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Brain Fog
  • Weakness and feeling ‘paralyzed’
  • “The expressed insecticidal toxins are particularly a neurotoxin derived from or similar to an arthropod or other invertebrate toxin, such as a scorpion toxin, a wasp toxin, a snail toxin, a mite toxin, or a spider toxin.

    I believe this to be seen as mean while explained by the above invention.

    We are convinced, that through these common procedures of over-use and combining inorganic and organic pesticidal substances, an unpredictable, infectious new pathogen has resulted, carried and transmitted mainly by insects.

    Global warming an it’s known effects on nature, foreign, ancient bacteria released in to the ocean, river and seas from Antarctic ice melting is another considerable factor.

    Newest molecular and biological studies reveal, where as animal and plant pathogens can become infectious under certain circumstances. Cryptic Pathogenesis is suspected to be the cause of novel pathogens resulting in new emerging diseases in humans and animals and is arising concern among Scientists.

    We are stating that these environmental factors and the above mentioned pesticidal pathogens have ‘created’ a mutated or morphed (life)form causing Morgellons Disease.

    Find out what's on your food at:


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    19 Responses to “Bio-Pesticides – The Cause of Morgellons Disease”

    1. […] Las personas aquejadas de Morgellon informan de unos insectos que “salen” de sus lesiones o que les aparecen en la piel. Esto ha dado lugar a la idea de que las sustancias artificiales son unos tipos de insectos reales parecidos a las libélulas. El hecho de tener el síndrome ya es bastante malo, pero la idea de que insectos artificiales estén siendo fabricados en nuestro interior ya es demasiado. Un investigador que lleva años luchando contra el Morgellon y observando muestras con el microscopio (insectos y todo lo demás) tiene la teoría de que las sustancias de Morgellon han sido diseñadas para ser un sustrato fértil del mismo modo que la materia biológica en descomposición es una “base” o semillero para la formación de la vida. Así, los insectos, las moscas y los mosquitos (en particular aquellos que se sienten atraídos por las alcantarillas y por los hongos) se dirigen a la biopelícula o sustancia viscosa de Morgellon. Cuando parece que las lesiones cutáneas producen insectos, lo que ocurre en realidad es que los insectos son atraídos a través de las feromonas o de las ondas hacia la sustancia viscosa, ponen sus huevos en ella y también se convierten en vectores transportándola. Los huevos que salen de las lesiones de Morgellon dan la impresión de que hay insectos incrustados en las llagas o que nacen de ellas. El mismo investigador piensa que el Morgellon ha invadido nuestros sistemas públicos de alcantarillado y probablemente los estanques y ríos, residiendo en ellos en varios tipos de hongos y moho. Esta teoría sobre los orígenes del Morgellon se puede leer aquí. […]

    2. I have the symptoms and do not know how to proceed. The mecical field, does not acknowledge or believe me. The family that I have told think I am crazy. I feel that in order to be heard I have to prove in black and white that I am having these strange things/symptoms happen to me and I am not just imagining it. I have already started to take pictures and videos of every strange thing i see on and around my body.

    3. I love the fact that there are still people in this world with big enough “Kahunas” to not be afraid of the government. We need to do studies like this and more of them to make the public aware of these silent killers. I have been personally suffering from this diesese for the past 8 years and having no clue till recently what was wrong with me. I now realize that my two young children may also be infected and that the recent diognosis of MS for their father may be wrong. The worst part is the lack of consideration for our beloved pets by putting a triple dose of death in their foods….! I whitnessed this first hand by the horrific murder of my 6 year young Newfoundland dog from Pulmanary hemmoraging………..!!!!!

    4. please email to discuss disseminating your info. Your theory makes complete sense and the big business behind this disease explains the drastic attempts to cover this up. I admire your strength Nd tenacity to take your study this far while sick, as I know full well how difficult it is to function, as well as handle the “bullies” who are too stupid to understand the nature of the game, and would rather pick on sick people instead. If they only knew the shock and horror we have experienced, all while our fellow man kicked us as we are fighting for our lives, and for everyone else. Some day, sadly, the rest of the world will feel the pain. Thank you

    5. There is an emerging pathogen/infectious disease called photorhabdus. It is from biopesticides that use the bt toxin bacteria with roundworms/helminths. It is the cause of ‘flesh eating diseases’ and they patents state that amino acids and proteins are added to make them virulent, along with gmo fungus and now even scorpion nuerotoxin and bubonic plague. Cinnamon, clove, peppermint, rosemary, thyme, eucalyptis, oregano, tea tree, essential oils can destroy the biofilm / plastic type cover on the skin protecting sores. Note; Cinnamon works the best, but will burn terribly which is why it works, but can be dangerous, so don’t use, or use slightly.
      Basically, we are victims of the EPA’s approval for Biological pesticides patents which are in relabeleld biological weapons; poisoned bugs sent into our bodies either through food or air during spraying, or water from run off.
      A major help has been the use of the Aztec clay masks ($7) mixed with apple cider vinegar, with the oils in it. This will suck out the pain and some of the local bugs. This mask can be used repeatedly for relief.

    6. I suspect Ivermectin would be very effective against morgelons, at least the form that creates worms or insect parts. It’s highly effective against invertebrate infections such as worms or bot flies, kills pretty much any and all, and is well-tolerated by vertebrates such as humans. Hard to get a US doctor to prescribe it, but the identical horse version is $8 on Amazon.

    7. Thank you for this site, I finally figured this out myself (a non scientist) and this confirmed my theory. I was a lawyer for ten years and have suffered horribly from this disease. I’m going to file a lawsuit, it’s time for someone to pay!!

    8. Hi. After bathing in marigold tea and discovering a lump in my groin, I got straight on the internet. Low and behold I find this article and it fits like a glove.
      I’ve seen these nematodes come out of my skin but no positive lab tests.
      They seem to have a hard shell?
      I have a piece of blue plastic that I eventually got out of my hand last night after rubbing neverending masses of black carbon and crystals out.
      It’s crazy.
      Thank you. Finally something makes sense.

    9. Please contact me at I would be a perfect candidate for your research. I have learn to extract the live parasite from my skin

    10. Do you have any updates on this? Any information on specific causes (in what specific crops are these biopesticides used? is there any way to avoid them consistently?). I am doing much better but not yet 100% and want to protect myself and my family going forward. This illness was literally incapacitating and disfiguring for many years, completely ruining my quality of life. It would obviously be great if there were some kind of legal recourse. My losses include severe loss of work productivity, thousands spent on doctor visits (utterly useless), trial and error “remedies”, long-term physical and psychological harm. With more specific info on causes (substance patents/product names), maybe something could finally be done.

    11. So wonderful to know this I was a morgellons suffer. I have several photos of what was coming out of me. I healed myself not sure how I did it but I took a lot of stuff to do it so I’m not sure which one did the job or all of them might of contribute to my healing. I took ivermectim ,fenbendazole and doxycycline for 3 months along with b12 absorb acid and zinc still taking those supplements

    12. Hi, is there anybody still here to speak with?

    13. Hello Jimmy,
      I suffered from these horrible symptoms for a couple of years (2013-2015) and am luckily doing much better these days. I still remain extremely curious about the source of the condition in order to avoid any potential risks (for me and my family) going forward. I’d certainly love to have more information on how to prevent/treat. Doctors act so strangely when confronted with glaring, visible, horrendous, painful, life-altering symptoms. I now know that we are all on our own when dealing with this.

    14. Hello, I was wondering If anyone has been experiencing Mainly just the micro myiasis. I’ve had this for going on 6 yrs. now. It’s extremely bad. It would be so nice to communicate with someone experiencing the same symptoms & would perhaps make me hang tough a little longer. Can’t seem to ever talk to anyone about this . my email
      thanks J.Richard

    15. Thank you for Whoever replied that was the 1st time I’ve heard from anyone

    16. Hi Jimmy, The Charles Holman Foundation has researchers who have tied these symptoms to Lyme and they also offer suggestions on physicians who treat it. I gave up on doctors many years ago and gradually improved by eating mainly organic vegetables, ingesting boron/borax in water, and moving from a major city to a very clean, rural tiny town. In my experience, it is important to focus on overall wellness (eating clean, sleeping/resting/meditating, exercising moderately, salt baths/sauna, etc.). However, you may well find help from the (very expensive) Lyme doctors out there as a last resort. They don’t accept insurance, so it is indeed quite expensive to go that route.

    17. I am asking the creators and reserchers to PLEASE contact me at my email ! I am currently fighting my county right now for spraying a commercial formulation BTI from low flying helicopters using aerosols and hydrogel. I actually saw the hydrogel on my plants and took pictures. But I’ve never been more sick in my life. They sprayed it 2 years ago in my area. And they plan on spraying it again next Saturday.!!! For 3 months.
      I also began getting symptoms of morgellons after I took a supplement that was created from bacillus subtilis. It was an enzyme. Anyway that’s when I started getting itching 2008. I have all sorts of methods to expel these from my body now using Dead Sea salts baths and infrared sauna etc. But I am here to seek other people who can collaborate with me using these facts. There was also a man earlier in this thread 2019 who said he was a lawyer and was going to sue! I definitely want to get in touch with him Can you please facilitate that? He was one of the comments here in the comment section. Please tell him I have a dozen names of people who did get sick when they spray. Thousands of people ran to the hospital thinking they had covid by the way.
      This time I have a list of 70 people who do not want it to be sprayed upon us. This would be grounds for a class action suit.

      Please contact me by email and then I can give you my phone number. Thank you so much. I have also a lot to share regarding morgellons. I have suffered with it since 2008 but have found ways to be completely healed.

    18. I have been suffering with the symptoms lusted in this article since the late nineties. In early stages, an insect crawled out of the bottom of my foot. It resembled one of the pictures in this article. Had blood work done by a Dr in Arizona who identified a fungal- bacteria organism in my blood. I think he called it Protomyzoa 1853 or something like that. Doxy helped but never cured as did itraconazole used with doxy. Broke out in big itchy sores in 2019 which will not clear up. Having major issues with mites. Would love to know how the author healed him/herself.

    19. One thing I learned about morgellons or whatever the hell I had is that any kind of sore on my skin was due to a gut issue I started taking digestive enzymes by pure encapsulation made a big difference just thought I’d help you all out with that I’m healed now I don’t have no more problems but I can only eat all organic the minute I eat anything in a box everything comes back

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