Water – the important source of life in the new millennium

Drinking water is becoming ever more important these days. In all cultures and religions, water has always been considered holy and the source of life.

Celebrated doctors throughout the ages such as Paracelsus praised the precious liquid as a remedy. Unfortunately, we no longer take good care of water as the number one remedy and food.

But, something strange is happening to our precious source of Life.

The inconsiderate waste and pollution of water has reached an alarming levels.

Obviously foreign objects have ‘invaded’ our water sources and are causing tremendous illnesses to humans and animals in our world.

Morgellons Disease – A water bourne infectious disease?

After reading several information about the possible relationship of Morgellons Disease and contaminated water I was very curious if I would see the same strange particles in my water supply too due to the fact that I have been infected with this disease also.

So, I decided to do a test.

In order to identify these foreign particles,  I have taken several water samples from my home town water supply.

A simple microscope was used at 200x, there was nothing more needed to see what was/is ‘living’ in our water.

These samples were taken from my kitchen tap, both warm and cold and seem to resemble Morgellons Fibers in an astonishing way.




~ by k&k on June 18, 2009.

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